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8246 Kekaha Rd
Kekaha, Hawaii
United States
Phone: 808-337-9999
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Welcome to Westside Fish & Feed


Located at 8246 Kekaha Road on Kauai's sunny westside in Kekaha.
Westside Fish & Feed opened for business in November 2010 offering a full line of quality animal feeds and animal care products. Today, Westside Fish & Feed has grown into a one stop animal shop. From hooves to feathers to fins, big to small we cover them all.
Besides animal feed we offer Kauai's largest fresh water fish selection. With over 30 tanks of fish to choose from we're sure you'll find something you like. We also offer a full line of aquariums and aquarium supplies for your tank & pond needs.
If your looking for small animals, we've got you covered, we offer different types of rabbits & guinea pigs. We also have bird's to offer, from finches, parakeets, lovebirds, and cockatiels. At Westside Fish & feed we have the feed you need & the things you just want.

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